David Moody Tells Us Why Soundtracks Matter05 Nov


By: David Moody

Sound matters. Sometimes we pray for silence, only to hope for more sound when the quiet finally arrives. Sound keeps us safe: the ticking of a clock, the noise of your family watching TV and chatting in the room next door. It’s fair to say that music can emphasize the emotion of a moment, why else would film soundtracks exist? That’s what my writing playlist is to me, a soundtrack to the day job.

I don’t know if I could write without music. I mean, yes, of course I could physically sit at my desk and start typing, but if I was sitting in absolute silence, I don’t know if many (any?) of the words I came up with would be worth reading.

My playlist (which you can listen to on spotify) currently stands at five and a half hours of instrumental music from artists including Mogwai, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Unkle, David Bowie and many, many more. I’ve come to associate many of these tracks with writing, and hearing them seems to immediately get me into the zone.

Notice that I said these were all instrumentals, I just can’t write if someone’s singing. Weird, because I know plenty of writers who are quite happy to produce their most poetic, eloquent prose while listening to death metal. Not me.

That’s not to say I don’t find songs inspirational. I do, but generally only while I’m planning and researching. My first novel (which was originally released in 1996 and rewritten and re-released last year) was named after a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Song, Straight to You.

For me, sound can be both a distraction and a trigger, a help and a hindrance. There’s no question, though, that it plays an integral part in story-telling, and that’s why I’m particularly pleased to be working with Booktrack. The easy-to-use Booktrack platform, lets you soundtrack music, ambient sound, and sound effects to add new layers of depth to a story.

After listening/reading to several Booktracks recently, I’m stunned by how much the addition of a soundtrack enhances the reading experience. I can’t wait to hear how people get on with hearing the explosions and the panic as they work their way through my post-apocalyptic novels, which you can get by clicking the booktrack covers below!

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