#BooktrackChat with Hugh Howey Recap08 Jul

We recently hosted a Twitter chat with New York Times Bestselling Author, Hugh Howey. Just like one of his stories, we were hanging on to every moment and didn’t want it to end. We challenged you to ask him anything and you did not disappoint. In the hour, we covered adventures, inspiration, writing challenges, and where the future of reading may be headed. So here we go! In case you want to relive the chat or you want to find out what you missed, here are a few highlights:

Things started off on a light note with Hugh popping his shirt tag. We later learned that he doesn’t really bother wearing shirts and so didn’t notice the tag sticking out. Take a look at his adventures on Facebook and you can see for yourself.


There were tons of great questions from fans:




Then Hugh turned the tables and asked everyone a question:

We learned that lots of writers draw inspiration from music, something that we feel really strongly about at Booktrack

He even had us blushing:

And in the end it looks like Hugh Howey got as much out of #BooktrackChat as the rest of us.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who joined the chat to listen in or to ask questions. If you haven’t yet read the Silo Series now is your chance, we’ve got a great sale offering the entire series at 40% off! You don’t have to wait for the movie to come out, instead re-experience the Silo Series with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack, it’s like a movie in your head and you get to direct it!

Is there another Booktrack author you’d like to see profiled in a Twitter chat? If so, drop it in the comments.