4 Must-Have Back to School Supplies01 Sep

When you start to think about back to school supplies, you’re likely thinking about binders, paper, pens, and other things that are barely necessary (thanks to this modern thing called technology). So if you haven’t yet finished getting those last minute school supplies, or if you’re already living dorm life and realizing something is seriously lacking, we have a list of four items you definitely should put into your back to school shopping cart.

1. Tablet

It seems that ever since typing became the norm, the quality of handwriting started to dwindle. It seriously feels like a chore to physically write stuff, and when we do, it’s barely legible. A tablet will make note taking so much easier during those long three hour lectures and it fits nicely on those miniscule desks. Plus, you’ll always have an internet connection at the ready to do essential research, ya know, like the nearest bar locations or curating your Pinterest boards and browsing Reddit. Taking notes electronically in class will help you be more organized and study more effectively. Plus, you’re less likely to lose a tablet than a bunch of useless paper. And hey, paper is bad for the environment anyway!

2. Headphones

Walking to class, going to the gym, studying, chilling in your room … it’s all more enjoyable with music. These are basically a necessity so make sure they are added to your BTS cart. Plus if you plan to spend a ton of time at the library and don’t want to disturb everyone else who’s studying. Headphones will help you to stay focused and quiet.

3. Books

Okay, we get it. You’ve already got a ton of reading to do. But those textbooks suck and you need an escape from reading that requires study notes along with it. The solution lies in fiction novels in your favourite genre, like epic young adult series from Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl or Laini Taylor’s Night of Cake and Puppets, sci-fi bestsellers like Hugh Howey’s Wool series or Murder on the Disoriented Express by Emily Lloyd-Jones, romance novels like Locked by Park Witter or horror stories like I Am Legend. If you’ve been successful at adding the tablet and headphones to your BTS shopping cart, head on over to Booktrack, search for your favourite genre, and get immersed in a movie-style reading experience that synchronizes music and ambient audio to what’s happening in the story. Reading for enjoyment helps you chill out, it’s a great stress reliever and the added benefit of booktrack helps drown out your roommate’s ‘extra-curricular’ activities.

4. Wireless speaker

Perfect for your room and easy enough to bring along to a party, the gym or varsity games, a wireless speaker is a campus essential. Sync it up with your tablet or phone, and listen to music anywhere. You can even stream a Booktrack soundtrack to your wireless speaker for a more amplified reading experience. Research has shown that listening to music while studying helps with both retention and reading engagement, allowing you to make the most out of those study sessions.

So while you’re adding all the typical supplies into your BTS shopping cart, be sure to get these modern essentials. We’ve already lined you up with great reasons for getting them, so what’s stopping you?