5 Sounds to Avoid in the Jungle21 Apr

Unless you’ve been living, well…in the jungle, you’ve heard about Disney’s new movie adaptation of The Jungle Book that’s breaking records worldwide. It features life-action/CGI that is stunning viewers and making them feel like they are actually in the jungle. So let’s pretend you are in the jungle. Maybe you’re trying a Life of Pi adventure that brings you to one of the many jungles or rainforests in the world. Here are 10 options you might choose. There’s no doubt: these are beautiful places. You are ready to connect with the earth and the animals. You are getting all ‘om’ and ‘namaste’, but then you hear a sound. It’s messing with your flow and frankly it sounds scary. Before you step out of your downward dog or take the nature hike in a different direction, let’s make sure the sound is on the list of five sounds to avoid in the jungle:

1. Hissing. Sorry, but there’s a snake nearby and it’s probably not friendly like Kaa from The Jungle Book. It could be a coral snake, pit viper, cobra or even the dreaded anaconda. They all like jungles. Keep calm (no, really, you must). Slowly, and with as little noise possible, step away.

2. Roars or growls…of any kind. Depending what part of the world you’re in, the jungle is home to many unfriendly mammals, i.e. black panthers, leopards, jaguars. In many cases, these big cats are just as afraid of you as you are of them, but you should still move away slowly to show you aren’t threatening their territory.

3. A high-pitched, repetitive bird-like call. If you’re in Central or South America, you might be hearing the Poison Dart Frog. Their venom is one of the most deadly in the world. Don’t be tempted by their psychedelic bright colours. This frog is not your friend.

4. A snorting noise in the water. If you’re near water and you hear a pig-like sound, don’t go any further. It’s likely a hippopotamus. They typically just eat plants, but your presence will be a threat and they’ve been known to put up a winning fight.

5. Buzzing. You guessed, a bee or hive is nearby, and in the jungle, it might be killer bees. Remember what your mom taught you. Don’t swat at it, don’t run, just do your best to calmly move away. So how can you have this experience without actually worrying about survival, a pricey flight and bug spray? Booktrack. Booktrack enhances your reading experience with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack – featuring the ambient sounds of the jungle. So, while reading The Jungle Book novel by Rudyard Kipling, you will hear the soft pads of the jaguar tracking through the underbrush, the hiss of the snake, and the trumpeting of an elephant. Or try creating your very own Jungle Book Booktrack using Booktrack Studio.

Have you seen The Jungle Book movie yet? Does it live up to its hype?