Author Hugh Howey

Author Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Hugh Howey09 Jun

Novelists, authors, writers…whatever you decide to call them, one thing is for certain – they are interesting and talented people. Hugh Howey, a science fiction author, is certainly no exception.

Originally from North Carolina, Hugh has written 31 novels, novellas and short stories…and he’s just 41 years old. His love of books began at the young age of 12 and sci-fi was his go-to read. He dreamed of writing a book and sailing around the world. While working at a bookstore he would hide out in the storage room to write.

But here’s what really sets Hugh apart from most mainstream authors. He’s maintained an indie vibe by self-publishing his books. His affinity for local and indie bands, crowdsourcing, documentaries and low budget films inspired him to take this approach to publishing. By doing so, he gets to have control and rights over every aspect of book creation (cover art, formatting, pagination) and he feels more connected to his audience. In fact, he is so committed to self-publishing that he has walked away from a few six and seven-figure deals from big book publishers in the past.

Today, Hugh has brought both his dreams to life. In an interview with Huffington Post, he explained that he writes best in the mornings and then spends the afternoon on email and social media where he can engage with existing readers. Oh, and he just happens to be sailing a 50-foot catamaran, Wanderlust, around the world while writing. His books are now available in 40 countries around the world and film rights for his book Wool were sold to 20th Century Fox a few years ago. He now has a deal with a high street publisher that has allowed him to retain his book’s digital rights while they sell the print. So it’s the best of both worlds.

If you haven’t purchased one of his books for your smartphone or tablet, get on it. They are perfect summertime (or anytime) reads. Be sure to amplify your Hugh Howey reading experience with a synchronized soundtrack, the immersive qualities of an added synchronized movie-style soundtrack will have you feeling like you’re part of the story. You’ll love Hurricane and Half Way Home.