A father and son reading on an iPad

Be Dad’s Favorite With These Father’s Day Gifts15 Jun

Your Mother’s Day gift rocked, and now it’s time to up the ante for Dad. Yes, that’s right…Father’s Day is creeping up and it’s time to get shopping for dear old Dad. Steer clear from the predictable tie and socks. You know that drawer is overflowing anyway, and hey, not every Dad wants to be reminded of work when he opens his Father’s Day gift. Here’s some ideas to make your shopping a little bit easier…

  1. For the sports fanatic: Who’s your Dad’s favorite sports team? You never get to spend enough quality time with Dad and now’s the perfect excuse to treat him to lunch or dinner at a sports bar, get him a t-shirt or hat to cheer on his team, and if your bank account will allow it, grab two tickets to a game for you and him.
  2. For the fix’er up’er: If you’ve got a Dad who can fix anything and will spend hours tinkering on tasks around the house, some new tools to make the tasks easier could be just what he needs. How cool is this cordless drill holster? Because why wouldn’t he want to feel like a cowboy while he tackles his to-do list? Add this magnetic wristband to it and you’ve basically provided him a third-hand for his odd jobs.
  3. For the griller: If Dad’s the king of the grill, there’s nothing he’ll love more than the latest and greatest gadgets to make your family meals even more delish. Break out the completely unexpected gift with these monogrammed steak branders and carving board, and then make his grill clean-up easier with this handy grill cleaner. Inspire his next meal with a cookbook full of awesome recipes. Let the good eats begin!
  4. For the chiller: If your Dad likes to spend his weekends unwinding from a busy week at work, might we suggest a gift that will allow him to just chill. Chip in with your sibling(s) or splurge on a gift that will really knock his socks off: a tablet loaded with some good books. Surprise him by amplifying his reading experience. Add a synchronized Booktrack soundtrack to one of the books on his tablet, and then package it up with one of his favourite beverages. Now he’s ready to zone out for the day (or weekend). If Dad’s a Sci-Fi fan add some classic Sci-Fi stories to his bookshelf or bring him a new indie Sci-Fi story to his attention, like New York Times best selling author Hugh Howey’s Wool.
  5. For the music lover: It’s all about the headphones. When Dad wants to chill (see above), he’ll need headphones to make it possible. When he’s not reading his tablet and enjoying a booktrack, he can listen to a playlist made by you. Set him up with all his fave tunes on Apple Music or Google Play, and gift him a pair of Beats.


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