Booktrack on the move Part I: London13 Apr

Booktrack is on the move! Hitting up one of the most internationally renowned book publishing trade fairs, The London Book Fair. This April marks its 45th anniversary and Booktrack is honoured to have sponsored The London Book Fair launch party at The Ivy. Kicking off a two day event bringing together the most inspiring and aspiring literary minds has filled the Booktrack Team with great excitement. You can check out all the activity on our social media feeds and make sure you keep up with us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you automatically are entered in a draw to win Booktrack swag!


To add to our excitement, Booktrack did get some help from an inspiring literary mind in kicking off The London Book Fair. You may know him as an actor, novelist, film director and screenwriter or most recently as the creator of the award winning British TV series, Downton Abbey.













Ribbon Cutting Ceremony video

That’s right, Julian Fellowes kicked off The London Book Fair launch party by cutting our opening ceremony ribbon at the kick-off party at The Club at The Ivy. Julian Fellowes is also attending The London Book Fair to launch the Belgravia app. An app created with Orion Publishing which will release eleven chapters week by week of Julian Fellowes’ latest story, Belgravia.  The app also includes interactive maps of the Victorian era Belgravia, as well as videos and information on the period and its fashions. Sounds pretty immersive doesn’t it? Perhaps Julian Fellowes needs to synchronize a movie style soundtrack to this dramatic period piece, fully immersing your imagination into the story and escaping into Victorian era England through Booktrack.

As we are all able to observe technology is reshaping our daily experiences at an exhilarating rate and constantly proposing new experiences for us to dive into. Bringing forward leading edge technology to further enhance readers’ experience through synchronized movie style soundtracks for eBooks and Audiobooks to the London Book Fair, proves how technology is innovating our reading experience in new and exciting ways. After all the future is here isn’t it?
Stay tuned for Part II as Booktrack kicks off a week of exciting events. Where are we off to next? Here’s a hint, Chuck Palahniuk the author of Fight Club said this about our next destination; “ — —– looks the way you’d imagine heaven to look at night.”