Booktrack on the move Part II: Las Vegas14 Apr

Booktrack is in Las Vegas this week! Were you able to guess our next destination? If you didn’t that’s ok, not everyone thinks Las Vegas looks like heaven at night but you can’t deny it’s shine.


We are at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention! That’s right we’re here for RT 2016 where thousands of romance book enthusiasts are bringing romance to Sin City. You can check out all the activity on our social media feeds and make sure you keep up with us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram over the next two days and you will automatically be entered in a draw to win Booktrack swag!


What exactly does the RT Convention bring to Vegas you may ask, well the convention hosts thousands of authors mainly of the romance genre as well as publishers, bloggers and of course romance lovers! Plus, along with this large group you’ll be sure to find a variety of hunky male models from these romance novel covers brought to life. That’s right, the cover guys come alive for the RT Convention but, if you can’t find one don’t worry there are plenty of life size cutouts for your viewing enjoyment. If you’d like to see one come find us at the Convention and say ‘hi’ to Amy our Publishing Content Manager and our Booktrack hunk.


He made it safe and sound from San Francisco thanks to Amy’s gentle handling and yes, all Booktrack models have a Booktrack tattoo it comes with the job dedication. But really doesn’t he look like he would know how to entice your mind? I can imagine him laying down an amazing booktrack to my favourite books. After all the best book lovers keep you interested.

In all seriousness the RT Convention is an amazingly event for aspiring authors and published authors to meet and mingle. With lots of workshops to keep you updated with the publishing industry including the latest leading edge technologies that are changing and amplifying the industry like Booktrack. Between the London Book Fair and the Romantic Times Convention in Las Vegas, it’s been a great week of mingling and spreading the word about Booktrack’s innovative reading experience.