Did someone say #BOGO #SummerReads? Yup, we did!11 Aug

As the month continues to fly by and the reality of going back to school is stronger than ever, there’s no denying two things:

  1. It’s time to cram in as many enjoyable reads as possible before textbooks, assignments and school social life takes over.
  2. The cash flow is starting to take a hit – a sure sign of a good summer and the unfortunate need to actually pay for school and textbooks.


Here at Booktrack, we feel your pain, so we’re hooking you up with free books. Yup, buy one book and get one completely free. No strings attached. So not only can you cram in some awesome #SummerReads, you can do so with less cash. We’ve picked some of our most popular titles and paired them up with freebies that you’ll love.

  • Buy Before the Claiming + get The Seer’s Spread free: Authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl deliver a pair of books that remind us that it’s impossible to hide from fate and that sometimes its power reveals unexpected secrets.
  • Buy The Healer + get Murder on the Disoriented Express free: Virginia Boecker keeps the action and fantasy going with a bewitching novella that sets out to cure a cursed, but powerful wizard. Follow that up with an action-packed ride on the disoriented express where mobsters and a heist take centre stage.
  • Buy Forged + get Betrayed free: Dive into Jennifer Rush’s Altered saga where the mysterious organization Branch leads to brutal training, secret experiments and unordinary missions. You won’t be able to put down this thrilling and suspenseful saga.
  • Buy The Mortal Heart + get Dream Dark free: Another pair of impossible to put down reads by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl filled with suspense, fantasy, darkness and even a bit of romance. As a bonus, Dream Dark includes a five chapter sneak peek of the Beautiful Chaos (the third book in the Beautiful Creatures series).


Claim this #BOGO by August 14 and get ready to amplify your reading experience with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack that will rival some of this summer’s blockbusters. And hey, ICYMI, last week we dished about soaking up every last day of summer with our favourite summer reads. These are worth adding to your reading list, but we also like hearing from you. Tell the rest of us: what #SummerReads are you cramming into August? Share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SummerReads.