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Female Authors Rockin’ the Young Adult Genre28 Jul

We’ve been all up in the young adult book genre this month (that’s YA for short) and feeling super excited about the launch of many new YA booktracks. Then something jumped off the screen at us and we couldn’t help writing about it.

Female authors are owning it in the YA genre!

That’s not to take away from the love we have for some of our fav YA authors who are men – John Green and James Dashner just to name a few. But we simply can’t deny the dominance of women authors in the genre. We did a little digging and discovered that in 2015, almost 1,500 books were released in the YA genre and most of them (more than 60%) were written by women.  It’s also interesting to note that three of the biggest books-turned-movie franchises (Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games) are YA series penned by women.

We’ve been trying to think why this could be and really can’t come up with a solid answer, so if you have a sec send us a comment with your thoughts. Or stop thinking entirely and just go load up your tablet with one of these five fierce female young adult authors.

Kami Garcia

Imagine starting off your career as an author based on a dare? This is exactly how Kami started writing. She was a teacher for seventeen years before co-authoring her first novel on a dare from seven of her students. Today, Kami is a bestselling author, known for her Legion series and co-authoring the bestselling Beautiful Creatures with Margaret Stohl. She also co-founded YALLFEST, the biggest teen book festival in the United States and is an avid volunteer. What’s not to love about Kami and her books? Absolutely, nothing!

Margaret Stohl

Age was just a number for Margaret, who started writing poetry and fantasy stories at the young age of five. No that’s not a typo. She didn’t step into a true author role until she co-wrote her first novel, Beautiful Creatures, with Kami Garcia. Oddly enough, it was also a dare that prompted her to take the leap with Kami, but instead of students, it was her three daughters who dared her. She also has a background in video games, co-founding 7 Studios with her husband, and contributing to both Marvel’s Spiderman and Fantastic Four, among many other titles. There’s lots ahead for Margaret. Introduce yourself to her YA world with one of these booktracks.

Emily Lloyd Jones

Now here’s an author who loves books so much that she actually still works in a bookstore. Yes, that’s Emily Lloyd Jones. Growing up on a vineyard, she would dream of books while staring at the evergreen forest. She studied english and then publishing, all while working on her debut novel, Illusive. Her list of books is growing and we’ll admit that we’re pretty excited about Murder on the Disoriented Express.

Jennifer Rush

At just 30 years old and only a few books in her roster, Jennifer has received accolades and high praise from book critics and fans alike. While she admittedly loves all things vampires, her books don’t include them (yet). Her Altered series is thrilling and suspenseful and was pitched as “Dollhouse meets Prison Break for teens.” If that doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will. Her most recent book, Forged, is a prequel to the Altered series and was just released on Booktrack.

Jennifer E. Smith

Growing up, Jennifer dreamed of being a writer, but it seemed about as likely as becoming a ballerina or an astronaut. So she took her own advice, that she now gives to aspiring writers, and started reading… a lot. The more she read, the more she learned about the makings of a great novel, and then she took a leap and sat down to write her own. Her first book, The Comeback Season, officially launched her into the YA genre. Her novels have a romantic vibe and we particularly love one of her latest, Happy Again.

If you haven’t discovered one of these five female YA authors yet, get on board now. Remember to make the reading experience even better by adding in a synchronized movie-style soundtrack with Booktrack or go ahead and create your own in the Booktrack Studio.

Who’s your favorite female author in the YA genre?