Guest Blog: Exploring Agatha Christie with Booktrack15 Sep

It’s pretty obvious that we love books around here. We’re also big fans of people who love books just as much as we do. So when we stumbled upon bloggers, Audrey and Emily of the Year of Agatha project, we knew we’d be BFFs.

Audrey and Emily were so inspired by Agatha Christie’s autobiography that they launched themselves into a year-long project where they will read ALL of Agatha’s mystery novels, hence the Year of Agatha.

They are documenting the whole process on their blog with a ton of wit and personality. Their end game? In 2017, they will take all they’ve learned and write their own, brand-new murder mystery, which will be set in Washington, DC.

We are super excited to have Audrey and Emily right here on our blog sharing a guest post about the Year of Agatha and how they’ve made their reading experience even better with Booktrack. Without further adieu, let’s welcome Audrey and Emily to our blog….


Happy weekend, friends! Audrey and Emily here, from the Year of Agatha project.

As we have been making our way through our Year of Agatha project, we have enjoyed experiencing Agatha Christie’s works in various formats. We primarily read hard copy versions of her books, but have dabbled in Kindle and audiobooks as well – we particularly enjoy listening to Hugh Fraser (you might know him from playing Hastings alongside David Suchet’s Poirot in the television adaptations of many of Agatha Christie’s works!) narrate many Agatha books! Speaking of film, we are also huge fans of many of the Poirot and Marple movies – while obviously not the same as reading her books, many of them are very spot on in their interpretation of the story and are a great way to feel immersed in the Queen of Crime’s world!

We have recently come across another way to immerse ourselves in a great Agatha Christie book. Booktrack is a great, multi-sensory way to experience reading. Customized sound effects and music are included with eBook versions of books to give a soundtrack to what you’re reading – and it’s specific down to each page of the story! The good people at Booktrack reached out to us to check out their Agatha Christie Booktracks – The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Secret Adversary. We are both people who like to multi-task while we read and you can usually find us with some sort of music going on in the background while we read, but Booktrack takes this to a new level by having the right music at the right time while we read so we feel like we are really a part of the story! We are particularly partial to Tommy & Tuppence’s adventures in The Secret Adversary and loved hearing ominous tones while we followed the Beresfords try their hand at spy work. Poirot and Hastings’s country house party turned #MURDER investigation in The Mysterious Affair at Styles was also so great to experience with birds chirping as the pair travel around the village in search of clues.

Check out Booktrack for any of you Agatha Christie lovers who are interested in reading her books in a new way! Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Many thanks to Booktrack for the opportunity to have a new Agatha Christie experience!

Audrey & Emily


Thank you, Audrey and Emily, for the kind words about Booktrack. We’re blushing a bit! If you want to experience Agatha Christie with all the same excitement, you can find Agatha’s booktracks here. To follow the Agatha Christie project, visit their social media channels and get involved in all the ‘mystery’: