Happiness is… Free Books for Back to School08 Sep

Nothing says back to school like dropping a pile of cash on a stack of boring textbooks. So if that massive bill at the college bookstore gave you a mini-heart attack, we have the perfect distraction.

Free books.

You can hoard them all to yourself, or share them with your new bestie, score brownie points by sharing with your mom or dad (who miss you so much), or your little sibling (who has pretty much already taken over your room at home).

And bonus: these books won’t put you to sleep like your textbooks. In fact, some of them may keep you awake because they are too good to put down.

Let’s get to the good stuff. From September 7 to September 21, when you buy a bundle of 5 select booktracks for just $14.99, you’ll get 5 more absolutely free. What are these bundles, you ask? Only some of our hottest sellers in six of the coolest genres.

  1. Young Adult: The YA bundle has everything you want to escape your own school drama with Night Of Cake And Puppets, The Healer, Saltwater Heart, Night Flower and more. Grab this bundle and you get 5 freebies including Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and more.
  2. Science Fiction: Buy Silverwood, Radiant, and The Altered Saga Novellas and get 5 sci-fi classics like Frankenstein and The Time Machine.
  3. Mystery: Step into the gripping suspense of The Lies We Tell, The Night Thief, The Magician’s Lie, and more + get 5 timeless mysteries including Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Adversary.
  4. Horror: Mystery too light for you? Sink your teeth into our horror bundle including Meeting Place Of The Dead, Black Fang Betrayal, The Grand Hotel, and Contamination 0 and Contamination 1. You’ll get 5 horror classics including Youth and A Descent Into the Maelstrom.
  5. Romance: Who needs school romance when you’ve got a good novel on your tablet? This bundle has Happy Again, Locked, Secrets & Lies, Sweet Baby and more + you’ll get 5 classics including Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility.
  6. Middle School Adventure: Sharks and castles? This bundle has both. Get The Shark Rider, The Shark Whisperer, The Ice Castle and more, then walk away with five classics like Frankenstein and  Reanimator.


Of course, the synchronized soundtrack by Booktrack makes each of these books even more riveting and immersive. So sit back and enjoy your free books….just remember your friends and family may want a piece of the action too.