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Long Weekend Getaways: Where to Go and What to Read in Three Days20 May

Summer means shorts, sunglasses, iced coffee, no school, and those coveted loooong weekends. That extra day off from work is always cause for celebration, and makes a short weekend trip that much sweeter.

Yes, long weekend getaways are what we live for. Whether it’s a road trip or a short flight away, there’s nothing like gathering up your besties and heading out on a new adventure. Here are six hotspots that are a must for long weekend getaways, and the books to read during your three precious days off the clock.

  1. Anaheim, CA: All we ever wanted as kids was to grow up. But, as soon as adult responsibilities start setting in, what we wouldn’t give to be kids again! Sometimes we need a break from “adulting” and a perfect way to relive those carefree days is a weekend at Disneyland. Fashion your hair into those princess Leia braids because we guarantee this long weekend destination will give you your childhood fix and have you skipping to work with glee come Tuesday. Before you get carried away with excitement though, you probably want to be somewhat responsible and calculate for all that free time you’ll have waiting in line. Bring your tablet and read Hurricane, there’s no better way to create your own chill zone while waiting in line. After all long weekends are meant to include some downtime for yourself
  2. Austin, TX: This quick trip will have you chanting “Texas Forever” by the time you leave. The city that has it all is home to the largest urban university in the nation. So, it is guaranteed to be a good time (#socollege). Hangout in the vibrant downtown area, and settle into one of many live music venues. This weekend is a free pass to indulge in all of the delicious barbecue bites and hey, why not try some deep fried corndog…I mean how often are you in Texas!? Be sure to pack a good read like Soul Meaning. You’ll need this action packed booktrack for the flight or drive to and from this fun city!
  3. New Orleans, LA: Can’t afford to fly to Europe, but looking to experience new cultures for a weekend? New Orleans is the place to be. Wander the streets with your best friends…take some Instagram worthy photos in front of the diverse architecture… let loose and groove to the funky jazz bands and of course the Cajun food is to die for! The combination of walking, the cocktails and all that food will make you exhausted so we suggest you bring along the King’s Crusade, this adventure novel is perfect for those downtimes when you need to regroup!
  4. Denver, CO: Fine art, music and pop culture is everywhere in the ‘Mile High City’, particularly over Memorial Day weekend when the Denver Day of Rock festival is happening. Your long weekend wouldn’t be complete without eating, drinking and people watching in Lower Downtown, or LoDo as the locals call it. Grab Freaks of Greenfield High and head to Red Rocks Park for some R&R.
  5. Miami, FL: Welcome to Miiiiiamiiiiiiii!! Those who say New York is the “city that never sleeps” clearly haven’t spent enough time in Miami. Every Memorial Day, roughly 250,000 party-goers descend on Miami for music, dancing…and sunburns. You’ve really got to “bring it” this weekend… and trust us you’re going to want to take Monday easy. Break from the partying to explore the Art Deco Historic District and then relax in the sand with a captivating book , like Becoming Human. This will make the transition to Tuesday a lot smoother.
  6. Washington, DC: Our round-up of long weekend getaways wouldn’t be complete without the nation’s capital. It’s perfect for history and culture seekers. Go see Abe in his monumental glory and of course check out the White House. Be sure not to mess with those secret service agents, after all their job is to be on high alert, but do visit the Spy Museum, National Zoo and the National Air and Space Museum. Bring along Invasion to read during your downtime this Sci-Fi read will amp up the thrill of being in the nation’s capital.


No matter where you venture off to for the long weekends this summer, a good read can make the escape all the more enjoyable. Amplify the experience by adding a synchronized soundtrack to your next read with Booktrack, or produce your very own with Booktrack Studio. And hey, it’s perfect for those of you who have to stay home for the weekend too…a weekend is a weekend after all! Travelling with family? We’ve got great ideas for family long weekend getaways here. Enjoy

What are your plans for summer long weekend escapes?