Party-Friendly Epic Halloween Costumes14 Oct

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Party planning is in the works and you’re determined to arrive in the most epic costume yet. Witches and superheroes are for kids and way too normal. You can already guess there will be more than one Donald and Hillary. But you want to turn heads and possibly take home the coveted award for best costume, and you also don’t want to be uber-uncomfortable because….dancing.

Well let us help you make it happen with these epic costumes, some of which just happen to be inspired by books and some that we couldn’t help including because they are just so so good.

Stick Figure
If you’re a terrible artist, you’ll love that the stick figure can finally get the recognition it deserves with this costume. It lights up, it’s super comfortable and it’s sure to be a winner, if not for its simplicity, but also for the way it makes you stand out from the crowd.


Image Source: Glowy Zoey


Jon Snow
Thank you George RR Martin for the literary phenomenon turned binge-worthy series, Game of Thrones. Do we even need to justify how awesome this one is?


Image Source: HBO


Pokémon Go
Are you team Instinct, Valor, or Mystic? No matter where your loyalties lie, this is a costume that is not only super current, it’s also easy enough to pull together with items you likely already have at home or can find at the second hand store.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Arturo Torres


Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn was the most talked-about role from this summer’s blockbuster film, Suicide Squad. She’s now a bona fide part of 2016’s pop culture thanks to her daring look and tough, quirky attitude. Don’t forget the bubble gum and the baseball bat. Heading to the party with a date? Bring along her love and sidekick, the Joker.


Image Source: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc / Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad


The Great Gatsby
Looking for something a bit classier? Jay Gatsby’s style was on point. The dapper suit, the perfectly pinned tie, a handkerchief and a fedora, plus a whole lotta swagger. Show up with Daisy Buchanan on your arm, dressed in chiffon, lace, a bit of fringe and the perfect pop of sparkly sequins. Be sure to add a headpiece and long satin gloves.


Image Source: Jess James Style Girl


Dracula, Bram Stoker-style
While your little brother or nephew might be all too thrilled to trick or treat in a cutesy vampire costume, you need to up the ante with something a bit more terrifying and real. That’s when it’s time to take a page out of Bram Stoker’s Dracula book, don a white funky wig, paint your face white with a hint of red on the lips and add a full length red cloak. Some pointy fingernails will add to the creep factor.


Image Source: chockingonpopcorn.com


Snapchat Filter
We couldn’t resist adding this last one in because Snapchat is the bomb. These are so simple and a ton of fun. Be the “flower crown” filter by simply wearing a…you guessed it….flower crown! Gross everyone out by being the “puking rainbow” filter; just paint a rainbow from your mouth down your neck and add a few stars. Paint your face like a cat, deer or dog, then add some ears, and voila — you’re an “animal” filter! Grab a bunch of friends and you can all be different filters. Fun, right?!


Image source: iDigitalTimes

No matter how you make your entrance on Halloween, make sure it’s a memorable one. And after a night of good fun, spend the day relaxing with a booktrack on your tablet.