Favorite Sci-Fi characters

Sci-fi Characters We Love and Why They Are #SoCool02 Jun

School’s out and you really don’t need another boring history lesson, but here’s something you might have missed in the lecture hall: science fiction is one of the oldest genres of storytelling. Even Shakespeare’s The Tempest had a mad scientist angle back in the 1600’s, and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels in the 1700’s referenced aliens and weird science.

Over the years, sci-fi has evolved into some of the best reads and the best movie adaptations. The storylines are crazy and the characters are often bizarre, creepy and oh so unrealistic….but isn’t that why we love science fiction? Whether it’s aliens, predators or some other odd dystopian creature, these are the characters we love.

Everyone has their own favourites and are fierce about their faves being the best. We’ve come up with a list of five that we think are pretty awesome. Yes, it was a tough call. We had office debates about this list and there were disagreements. But this is where we landed…

  1. Darth Vader: Do we really even need to explain this one? He’s crossed generations, you’ve probably dressed up or know someone who’s dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween at some point. He rocks black and his breathing sends a combo of excitement and fear up your spine.
  2. Predator: You do not want to be hunted by this alien. He always wins.
  3. The Invisible Man: This guy rides the wave of invisibility for a while, before it eventually becomes his demise. He gets into all kinds of trouble along the way. This classic character by H.G. Wells is being made into a movie with Johnny Depp as the lead. Very cool.
  4. Terminator: A humanoid that’s virtually indestructible and has the ability to heal himself. Plus, he has the best one liners: I’ll be back.
  5. Godzilla: The original Godzilla was 50 meters tall and 40 million pounds. So yeah, that’s a big monster. He’s known as the king for a reason.

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