Soaking Up the Rest of Summer with Good #SummerReads04 Aug

It’s the beginning of August and the summer has been a good ride so far. You’re probably feeling pretty proud of what you’ve accomplished….

Concerts and festivals: check.
Long weekend vacays: check.
Beach time: check.
Patio drinks: check.
Juicy summer reads: check.

And there was likely some work and other stuff thrown into the mix too. Well, the good news is that you’ve got four more weeks of fun to squeeze into the summer. So go back and play repeat on your list of accomplishments because before you know it you’ll be carrying around a bag full of textbooks or stuck inside at work, wishing you had just one more summer day to soak up.

As you plan out the next four weeks, we’re here to help with a list of books that will make those beach reads, poolside reads, road trip reads and warm summer night reads even better.

For now, we’re sharing some of our favourite #SummerReads, and loving that we can drown out the world around us and become immersed in a story with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack.

  • Saltwater Heart: The summer James lost his heart to Alice, Alice lost her heart to the sea. The confident and charming daughter of the town’s most accomplished whaling captain, Alice changes James’ life the moment she teaches him how to sail. But when her father needs to fill a spot on his ship, it’s James who is offered the position, and the day he returns from his expedition, he discovers Alice has disappeared. Where will his search for Alice take him?
  • Radiant: Xhea has no magic. Born without the power that everyone else takes for granted, Xhea is an outcast—no way to earn a living, buy food, or change the life that fate has dealt her. Yet she has a unique talent: the ability to see ghosts and the tethers that bind them to the living world. What happens when a strange magic awakens within her?
  • Silverwood: A story of finding where you belong, even if it involves time travel, shape shifting, and hacking. Helen Silverwood is sick of life on the run with her mom and her younger brother. Nothing makes sense. She doesn’t understand why she has recurring dreams of shape-shifting creatures, why her mother is always disappearing, and how her brother can draw things that haven’t happened yet. Most of all, Helen longs to know what happened to her dad. Helen wants to feel like there’s someplace she belongs—but getting there will prove very complicated.
  • How to Climb the Eiffel Tower: Lara Blaine believes that she can hide from her past by clinging to a rigid routine of work and exercise. She endures her self-imposed isolation until a cancer diagnosis cracks her hard exterior. Lara’s journey through cancer treatment should be the worst year of her life. Instead, it is the year that she learns how to live and develops a new friendship. How will her friend help Lara to confront the past and discover that she is not alone in the world?
  • Grand Hotel: Welcome to the hotel where nobody checks out. When a desk clerk welcomes a group of tourists into his mysterious and crumbling hotel, the last thing he expects is that a lone girl on his tour may hold the power to unravel the hidden mystery that has lain for untold centuries within the structure’s walls. This horror novel takes the reader on a thrilling ride through an interconnected series of stories narrated by the desk clerk and the residents of the hotel itself. What secrets will be discovered in this spooky hotel?


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