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Three Romantic Destinations for a Summer Fling23 Jun

Ah, summer, we’re so glad you’re here. There’s something about the warm temps that brings out the heat in us. We have more time to travel, more time to get out and more time to…get in the mood. Maybe it’s the endless days reading romance novels on the beach or the scent of sunscreen playing tricks with our minds. But we know it’s bound to happen: the summer fling.

Now let’s imagine your summer fling is happening abroad, or your bae has become more than just a Tinder hook-up and it’s time to get away together. Where would you want this romantic adventure to take you? Paris? Nah, not for a fling that’s more of a committed relationship destination. Italy is too predictable and Jamaica is all about honeymoons. If you could write your ideal summer romance story, you’d want something unique and adventurous, with culture, music, art and a solid nightlife, because don’t we all love to get hot and bothered on the dancefloor or close and steamy in a dark bar. Here’s three unexpected romantic destinations to make it happen.

Copenhagen, Denmark

As the saying goes, the “Danes do it better.” Romance is no exception. This city is stylish, modern and very different from the traditional romance atmosphere you’d find in Paris. Your summer fling can kick off at The Little Mermaid, a sculpture that was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with a young, handsome prince on land. Then head to the walking bridge over Copenhagen harbour, Bryggebroen, and write your names on a padlock and lock it to the bridge. At night, take in a movie at the Empire or Falkoner theatre, which have actual ‘love seats’ for two along the back rows, perfect for getting cozy with each other. Or take in the late night sights and sounds of Tivoli Gardens, the world’s second oldest amusement park.

Phuket, Thailand

Don’t we all want to spend at least one summer in Thailand? If Mr. or Mrs. Right (or Right Now) comes along during your trip, nothing says romance like learning how to make pad thai at a local restaurant. Bonus: it’s a skill you can bring home to impress your friends. If the outdoors are more your thing, Phuket has beaches to die for, like Mai Khao Beach. This deserted beach is seven miles of white sand and crystal clear water. Consider going for a dive or snorkelling while you’re there, or stretch out on the white sand together. At night, head to the infamous Patong area for the nightlife and upscale bars and restaurants. The people watching alone will keep you and your date entertained. If your fling is worth it, stay a night or two in a villa on the water and experience an exotic night together. Thailand is famous for these swanky celeb-worthy villas and your IG pictures will be the talk of everyone back home.

Quebec City, Canada

Let’s bring this a bit closer to home, shall we? Quebec City is a short flight or even just a drive from pretty much anywhere in the United States or Canada, but it’s like being in a European country. During the day, just walking through the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec will be enough to make you both feel like you’ve stepped into a romantic little town in Europe. Stop in to a bistro to share some poutine. In the evening, the music and nightlife scene comes alive. Dancing, anyone? Head to Le Cercle for its 20-something crowd, underground bands, art and events ranging from film to fashion to book releases. Or have some drinks on the sidewalk patios and grab a blanket to watch an outdoor show on the Plains of Abraham.

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