What to Get a Mom Who Deserves Everything29 Apr

That moment when you realize it’s almost Mother’s Day… yeah, that just happened. You can’t leave Mom to the last minute. She deserves the best of everything, because well, she puts up with you, right?

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8 for many countries in the world. That means you have about 10 days to get shopping. What do Moms want the most on Mother’s Day (or any day for that matter)? Relaxation, appreciation, love, time with their kids…and, let’s be honest, they also want some alone time. We’ve put together the perfect list of gift ideas that will hit on all her wants and make you look like a superstar child.

1. Treat Mom to a night out at the movies. Mother’s Day, the movie is sure to be a hit, with a great cast and tons of laughs, and possibly some tears too. She’ll love spending time with you and you won’t have to break the bank on this gift. Win, win!

2. Fewer things in life make Mom happier than a menu, so you’re guaranteed to make her smile if you treat her to a meal at one of her favourite restaurants. Want to show her your mad skills in the kitchen? Invite her over and cook dinner for her for a change. After all, she did it for you for decades. Isn’t it time to return the favour?

3. Maybe you don’t tell Mom that you love her enough. Well then, let this mug do it for you. Sure, she probably has a ton of mugs, but they never get old when they have a heartfelt sentiment on them. And what Mom doesn’t need coffee to survive?!

4. If Mom is dreaming of spending summer outdoors, make sure she’s warm for cool evenings with a cozy blanket. It’s perfect for relaxing and curling up with a good book. Here’s a modern yet classic blanket that will keep her warm.

5. Mani, pedi, facial, massage—take your pick, Mom will love any of those options. Join her for the pampering if that’s your style too.

6. Bring Mom into the now—buy her a tablet. Here’s a solid list of the best to choose from in a range of price points. If she already has a tablet, introduce her to a whole new way to amplify her ereading experience by adding a Booktrack soundtrack to it. So if she has a love for the classics with a romance vibe, she can relax into Sense and Sensibility and experience the book with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack.

Better yet, you could customize a soundtrack to her favourite book and record it just for her in the Booktrack Studio. You can’t get any more creative or original than that.

Feel free to share this list with your sibling(s), or don’t, so you can get all the credit for being the world’s best child.

What does Mother’s Day mean for you?