What to Read When Your Textbooks are Boring25 Aug

You knew it was bound to happen. It happens every year at the end of August. It’s time to step away from the beach, the festivals, the pools and everything else that is total mindless fun. Yes, you’re heading back to school. It’s time to switch learning back on and bury yourself in lectures and textbooks.

Okay, maybe we’re being a bit harsh here. There’s still time for fun at school, right? Reuniting with friends who you haven’t seen over the summer, getting out to weekend parties and campus activities, just to name a few.

But when you’re staring at a long list of textbook reading, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed (and maybe even a bit bored). I mean really, is that macroeconomics textbook a page turner?

Didn’t think so.

We’re hooking you up with a few booktrack ideas that will be the perfect escape when your textbooks suck. And unlike those textbooks, these reads are synchronized to movie-style soundtracks so you can really zone out (and even drown out that annoying roommate). Here’s what to load up on your tablet now:


See, reading doesn’t have to be all about textbooks for the next eight months! Grab your tablet and sneak in some downtime with a booktrack…you deserve it.